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  • How do I purchase NCFTA’s publications? What are the payment methods? And how much is the freight?
    • 2016-09-05

    Please check “Publications” at NCFTA’s website for intended items and follow the instruction to complete the online transaction? You may pay by remittance or credit card. The freight fee is exempted for a single deal over NT$1,000; if less than NT$1,000, please pay the fee upon arrival of the purchased item. For more details, please check at。

  • Why are some publications not listed on the selection of “Purchase”?
    • 2016-09-05

    Those not listed on the selection of “Purchase” suggests no goods in stock.

  • After completing the online transaction, how do I look up the proceeding progress of my order?
    • 2016-09-05

    Once the online transaction is completed, a notification will be sent to your email box directly. You can find the proceeding progress based on the order number. For more information, please check at

  • How do I stop receiving NCFTA’s e-papers and/or flyer distribution?
    • 2016-09-05

    1.If you have subscribed the e-papers of NCFTA, Taiwan Music Institute or National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, please check the selection of “E-paper Subscription” on the first page of NCFTA’s website and tick the selection of “Unit” for cancelation. 2.For the subscriber of Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company’s e-paper, please check at and input your email account and password to cancel subscription. 3.For the e-paper subscriber of GuoGuang Opera Company, NCFTA Online, the Xiqu Center of Taiwan, please follow the instruction to cancel subscription. 4.As to termination of flyer distribution, please write down your request on the selection of “Contact Us” on the website. The comment will be handled by the designated person to reply by email.

  • If I enroll the membership of NCFTA’s subsidiary organizations, incl. Taiwan Music Institute, GuoGuang Opera Company, Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company and National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, will I enjoy any benefits on ticket purchase?
    • 2016-09-05

    NCFTA encourages any interested individuals to join Friends of Taiwan Music Institute, GuoGuang Opera Company, Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company and National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan online. Exclusive services are offered to members. For more preferential terms, please check each unit’s contact information on the website ( There will be the designated person to answer your inquiry.