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Embodying the aesthetics of Taiwan folk culture: The National Center for Traditional Arts’ Yilan site

The center is located in Wujie Township, Yilan County, on the shore of Dongshan River, surrounded by mountains and the ocean. Occupying 24 hectares, it was completed in 2003 and began public operations in 2004. Its core business is carried out by the government, but its facilities are partly entrusted to private operators.


The facilities were built in the style of the town. From the faith center to the neighborhood, from preserving teaching and learning to promoting exhibitions and performances, this complex has reproduced a Taiwan folk community of the 1940s or 1950s. Everywhere one sees the life of that period in microcosm. It is rich in cultural significance.


We use such software as is available to plan exhibitions and performances in line with festivals as they occur during the year. Every year we present arts and crafts exhibitions of Taiwanese folk culture and combine the sequence of the four seasons with cultural tourism strategy, enabling visitors to experience Taiwan’s folk cultural aesthetic and refresh their historical memories through lively forms of expression and abundant creative vitality.