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《ADAMANTINA》Physical Sentimental Theatre Company of LeeQingZhao the Private
《ADAMANTINA》Physical Sentimental Theatre Company of LeeQingZhao the Private
    • 2020/12/12 14:30 ~ 2020/12/13 16:10
  • Event
    2020/08/04 00:00 ~ 2020/08/04 00:00
    3102 Multi Hall
    2020/08/04 00:00 ~ 2020/08/04 00:00
    3102 Multi Hall

 Time, Date, and Venue 

◇ 2020/12/12 sat. 14:30-16:10
◇ 2020/12/13 sun. 14:30-16:10
◇ Venue:3102 Multi Hall, Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center
◇ Length:120 minutes (including 20 minutes intermission)
◇ Ticket Price:NT$500
◇ Note:
   ◆ With Chinese surtitles
   ◆ The shows will be recorded
   ◆ With pre-show talk


 About the Performance 

ADAMANTINA is Chinese opera with a whole new feel. Adapted from a poem published in 1985 by Taiwan poetic heavyweight Yang Mu (1940-2020), the story demonstrates a rarely-heard passage from "The Twelve Golden Women of Zhongling" in the classic novel Dream of the Red Chamber. The play elaborates on the supposed feelings and actions of Miao Yu, a Buddhist nun.

Following years of collaboration including their newest monodrama production in 2016's jazz/opera Lady Macbeth, as well as 2018 production planning with Cloud Gate Dance Theater, this play brings the talented trio of Charles Liu, Liu Hsin-Jan, and Blaire Ko togetherfor their first-ever public performance.


 The Performing Group│Physical Sentimental Theatre Company of LeeQingZhao the Private 

Since 2006, LeeQingZhao Private Theatre Company's Sentimental Action Team, Taiwan's leading brand name in contemporary monodrama has endeavored to spark an internal artistic revolution that slashes away at tradition since, separating elegance from convention. Aided by the excellent literary temperament of expert Song Dynasty lyricist Li Qingzhao, wielding her sentimental method in a new exploration of the traditional taboos inherent in East Asian modernity. So far, LeeQingZhao has released over 18 original plays including Ciao Ci Chao, The Summer in a Paddy Field, Blanche, Lady MacBeth, Tsiόh Siù, Yan Qing: A Taiwanese Opera for Innocent Love, and others. Their plays shift between modern theater, Beijing opera, gezai opera, Hakka opera, kabuki, and other forms of East Asian opera, and has developed a year-round cooperative international network with a distinct style and unique vocabulary.


Performer:Physical Sentimental Theatre Company of LeeQingZhao the Private
Organizer:National Center for Traditional Arts
Advisor:Ministry of Culture

*Please visit our official website for the latest updates.
*The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program.

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