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《Tsui Shi》Benshi Theatre Company
《Tsui Shi》Benshi Theatre Company
    • 2021/01/15 14:30 ~ 2021/01/17 20:35
  • Event
    2020/08/13 00:00 ~ 2020/08/13 00:00
    Experimental Theatre
    2020/08/13 00:00 ~ 2020/08/13 00:00
    Experimental Theatre
    2020/08/13 00:00 ~ 2020/08/13 00:00
    Experimental Theatre
    2020/08/13 00:00 ~ 2020/08/13 00:00
    Experimental Theatre

 Time, Date, and Venue 

◇ 2021/01/15 fri. 19:30-20:35
◇ 2021/01/16 sat. 14:30-15:35
◇ 2021/01/16 sat. 19:30-20:35
◇ 2021/01/17 sun. 14:30-15:35
◇ Venue:Experimental Theatre, Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center
◇ Length:65 minutes
◇ Ticket Price:NT$800/1200
◇ Note:
   ◆ Post-show talk will be held on every performance
   ◆ This performance on 01/16 19:30 will be recorded


 About the Performance 

See Huang Yu-lin detonate his tiny universe.
Hear Tsui Shi's song – a great, sorrowful dream for the ages.

Screenwriter Hsing Ben-ning (Encounter With Old Theatre – Silang), composer Blaire Ko, and director Wang Wei-chien come together once more to bring a completely new perspective on Huang Yu-lin. In a performance drawn from the classic play Sentimental Dream, Tsui Shi (Huang) pierces heaven and earth with a performance exuding vitality and torment, reproducing the feminine struggle that has played out since time immemorial. Should she put her real self in plain view, or conceal herself thoroughly behind a veil of willful ignorance? After liberating herself, how could she ever choose to shun liberty?


 The Performing Group│Benshi Theatre Company Group 

Benshi Theatre Company, a group of capable people telling good stories over and over again, believes that theatre can draw people into a mutual encounter across dividing lines. Since its founding by playwright Hsieh Ben-ning, Benshi Theatre Company has assembled interdisciplinary creators in a joint exploration of the new vocabulary of theatre. With Chinese opera as its foundation, Benshi Theatre Company emphasizes original work and reflects on current issues, with execution that extends productions beyond the personal and into the communal.


Performer : Benshi Theatre Company
Organizer : National Center for Traditional Arts
Advisor : Ministry of Culture

*Please visit our official website for the latest updates.
*The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program.

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