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What are the administrative affairs the National Center for Traditional Arts responsible for?
NCFTA bears the missions on cultivating talents in traditional arts and conducting the investigation, research, conservation, transmission and development of traditional arts. There are four subordinate units under its authority, including GuoGuang Opera Company, Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company, Chinese Orchestra Taiwan and Taiwan Music Institute; it also oversees three on-site fields: Yilan Park, Taiwan Traditional Theatre and Music Center, Kaohsiung Park. As a whole, NCFTA aims at cultivating contemporary talents for the on-going development of traditional arts by offering sound and sufficient supports and active foundations, enabling cultural capitals to transform into cultural assets and pushing Taiwan’s traditional performing arts to step up the international stages.
What are NCFTA’s training projects in talent education? How to look up their achievements?
Talent training is one of key affairs run by NCFTA. The executive projects and achievements can be found at NCFTA’s website ( Please check the selection of “Talent Training” for further details.
How do I apply for using the collection database of NCFTA?
NCFTA retains copyrights and legal authorizations for the database of a selection of collections. To apply for usage, please check the index at and refer to the procedural guideline at for the charge table. You are required to fill in an application form and a written pledge; then mail the two documents to Overall Planning Division, NCFTA at 201, Sec. 2, Wubin Road, Wujie Township, Yilan County or to send them to the email box at For inquiry, please call at (03)970-5815 ext. 2350.
How do I apply for an internship at NCFTA?
NCFTA offers a short-term internship for students studying in the field of traditional theaters and music. The related procedural guidelines are posted at and ( If you have an interest for participation, please read through the guidelines and call Overall Planning Division at (03) 970-5815 ext. 2349 for further assistance.
How do I find the program information of NCFTA?
Please check the selection of “Program” on the first page of NCFTA’s website ( to look up the related information.
Can I look for all of the performing schedules of NCFTA Family through the internet?
You can check the selection of “Program” on NCFTA’s website ( and pick the selection of “NCFTA Headquarter”, “Taiwan Music Institute”, “GuoGuang Opera Company”, “Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company” or “National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan” to search for each unit’s performing schedule.
How to invite NCFTA’s subsidiary troupes for presentation?
If you have an interest in inviting GuoGuang Opera Company, Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company and National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan to give performances, please check each unit’s contact information on the website ( There will be the designated person to answer your inquiry.
How do I look for the service information of NCFTA Yilan Park?
The park is currently operated by Sunmake Cultures Foundation. For the customer service information, such as open hours, transportation and guided tours, please check the website at
How do I enter NCFTA’s archive center? And how about its open hours?
1.The archive center is mainly open to research workers in the field of traditional arts and the staff of NCFTA. For admission, please submit your application three working days in advance through internet. For online reservation, please check at 2.Open hours: 09:00 – 17:00 Monday through Friday (closed on weekends and national holidays)
Is my previous library card of NCFTA still valid?
NCFTA has no longer been opened to public since January 1st, 2015. The previous library cards have therefore been invalid. From August 2016, its admission has become available through pre-reservation. Please submit your online application three working days beforehand ( and present a photo ID while entering.