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GuoGuang Opera Company


GuoGuang Opera Company,since its establishment in 1995, has been working on introducing contem porary ideologies into traditional Peking Opera. With the approaches of modernization and literary advancement, diverse motifs, like Ms. Eileen Chang’s novel and Mr.Wang Xizhi’s calligraphy, are adopted in the company’s current productions. Its masterpieces contain classic plays of Peking Opera and Kunqu Opera and a numberof new creations, such as Journey throughHell, Wang Shi Fong, Three Persons and Two Lamps, The Golden Cangue, Hu ShuehYan, Sunlight after Snowfall, Fox Tales, Meng Xiaodong, One Hundred Years on Stage, Cleopatra and Her Fools, Flowing Sleeves and Rouge, Tan Chun, etc.All of them have been highly valued by the cultural circles; some of them have even won the prizes of the Gold Bell Award and the Taishin Arts Awards. These works have significantly raised hot discussion within the young audiences. Inaddition, Ms. Wong Anchi, the Chief Executive Officer of Arts, Ms. Wei Haimin,the leading artist, and Mr. Li Xiaoping, the stage director, have all received the special glory of the National Awards for Arts due to their extraordinary contributions in GuoGuang’s productions. Mr. Tang Wenhua, the laosheng (older male role) artist is acknowledged by the Taipei City Arts Award and Japan’s SGI Arts Award; Mr. WenYuhang, the Peking and Kunqu Opera artist, is granted the Golden Melody Awardand the Chinese Cultural & Art Award; and Mr. Zhong Baoshan, the Directorof the company, is conferred the honor of the Outstanding Personage by the SunYuxuan Academic Foundation, equivalent to the Nobel Prize for the public servants in Taiwan. So far, GuoGuang has also been invited to present its excellent performances in France, German, the Netherlands, Swiss, Italy, the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Brazil, Singapore,Mainland China and Hong Kong.