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Mountain Music

Mountain Music
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    • 2016/02/17 09:00 ~ 2016/02/17 09:00
    • Address:台北市中正區中山南路21-1號
This piece was commissioned by the NCO, drawing its inspiration from Taiwan aboriginal music. It narrates the joy of the aboriginal people and their optimistic philosophy of life.

The first chapter, Soliloquy of a Tattooed Old Man (Flute in G), portrays the demeanor of elders while telling their tribal legends. For the Tayal male, a tattooed face is indicative of adulthood and bravery; for females, their skill in weaving.

Chapter Two, Children's Play in the Mountains, Bamboo flute in G, portrays children's innocence in playing games. Chapter Three, Song of Ka-viaz, Flute in D. Ka-viaz, is a Bunun term, referring to a hundred-pace snake. It also means "friend"; this chapter is also called "Song of Friends."

Chapter Four is named Dance of the Warriors. When an aboriginal man survived challenges, he would be called a warrior. For the Amis people, a man has to sail through the Pakeriran Sea to be deemed a warrior. All warriors must take responsibility to protect the tribe. This chapter is about warriors and their dancing and singing.
 Category   Music
 Type  Chinesse Music 
 Chinese Title   山樂
 Group   National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan 
 Creative staff   National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan 
 Duration  5min
 Image Source   National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, National Center for Traditional Arts 
 Other Works  The Legend of the Wind Lion God, Fantasia of Taiwanese Opera Theme Song, Golden Snake Dance, The Beautiful Taiwan 

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