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Fantasia of Taiwanese Opera Theme Song
Fantasia of Taiwanese Opera Theme Song
    • 2016/02/17 09:00 ~ 2016/02/17 09:00
In this performance, the NCO played Taiwanese composer Huang Zhennan's Fantasia of Taiwanese Opera theme Song. The arrangement features cultural elements from Taiwanese Opera tunes, such as diao, Dumadiao, Kudiao, and Qizidiao. These are all familiar tunes for Taiwanese, representing special human features on this island.

The chief instrument for playing Fantasia of Taiwanese Opera theme Song is the Daguangxian. The stringed instrument is the major accompanying instrument in shuochang performing arts and theater. Since the general musical characteristic of Taiwanese Opera is sorrowful (like Kudiao and Qizidiao), creating a lyrical, yearning affection. When played on a Daguangxian, the melancholic nature is further highlighted.
 Category   Music
 Type  Chinesse Music 
 Chinese Title   歌仔戲主題隨想曲
 Group   National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan 
 Creative staff   National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan 
 Duration  14min15sec
 Image Source   National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, National Center for Traditional Arts 
 Other Works  The Legend of the Wind Lion God, Mountain Music, Golden Snake Dance, The Beautiful Taiwan 
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