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The Legend of the Wind Lion God
The Legend of the Wind Lion God
    • 2016/02/17 09:00 ~ 2016/02/17 09:00
The Legend of Kinmen was composed by Su Wen-Cheng to depict the cultural spirit of Kinmen. Through once full of verdant greenery, the landscape of this offshore island changed after years and years of disasters logging, and battles. Not only threatened by bombshells, gusts of wind blowing fine grains of sand everywhere also endangered the people living in Kinmen. In order to fend off gales of sand and pray for their well being, the local people started to worship the Lord Wind Lion, hoping that it would drive away disasters and bring good fortune. The Lord Wind Lion became symbolic of a staunch spirit. On this windy island covered with sand, the Lord Wind Lion weathered the years, standing unmoved in watching over the land and its people. The composer displays a sincere, natural style of music in vivid musical language. With bright colorful images, he depicts thoughts and emotions in this piece in three sections: "Sand Blowing in the Wind," "Lord Wind Lion," and "Love for Kinmen."

In the beginning, the rhythm of "Sand Blowing in the Wind" gently flows high to convey the beauty of the island. The howling wind can be heard together with the graceful melody. The ensuing brisk tempo of "Lord Wind Lion" brings to life swirling musical images. One feels as though one could see the Lord Wind Lion standing guard over the homeland. Finally, "Love for Kinmen' exhibits the people's gratitude towards Lord Wind Lion and their nostalgia for Kinmen.
 Category   Music
 Type  Chinesse Music 
 Chinese Title   風獅爺傳奇
 Group   National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan 
 Creative staff   National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan 
 Venue  Nation Concert Hall, Taipei
 Duration  19min18sec
 Image Source   National Chinese Orchestra Taiwan, National Center for Traditional Arts 
 Other Works  Fantasia of Taiwanese Opera Theme Song, Mountain Music, Golden Snake Dance, The Beautiful Taiwan 
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