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《The Romance of the Embroidered Sachet》Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company
《The Romance of the Embroidered Sachet》Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company
    • 2021/01/23 14:30 ~ 2021/01/23 17:40
  • Event
    2020/09/03 00:00 ~ 2020/09/03 00:00
    Main Theatre

 Time, Date, and Venue 

◇ 2021/01/23 sat. 14:30-17:40
◇ Venue:Main Theatre, Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center
◇ Length:170 minutes (including 20 minutes intermission)
◇ Ticket Price:NT$400/600/800/1000/1200/1600/1800/2000/2500
◇ Note:
   ◆ With Mandarin surtitles


 About the Performance 

"The Romance of the Embroidered Sachet" is also known as "Carrying the Sedan Chair" or "Two Heaven-made Marriages". Every huadan performer has to learn this classic piece because it integrates some of the most important singing, speaking, performing, and gesturing skills in Bangzi opera. The story is about a vivaciously outspoken and kind-hearted girl named Zhou Guilan. She helps two pairs of lovers to get married. The happy and boisterous atmosphere of the upcoming weddings makes the play even more absorbing.

The heroine Zhou Guilan belongs to the category of huadan style, which applies speaking and gesturing to accentuate the straightforwardness and passion of Guilan. But the performer has to be careful not to go too far turn Guilan into a silly or shrewish girl. In sections of "Carrying the Sedan Chair" and "Praising the Embroidered Sachet", Guilan is portrayed as an elegant and lovely lady.
The unique body movements of "Carrying the Sedan" and suona music are two highlights of this Bangzi play. "Carrying the Sedan Chair" features the happy singing conversation between Zhou Guilan and the sedan carriers. The performers dance and move to imitate walking along the bumpy path, showcasing the unique imitation and patterned movements in Chinese opera. In addition to the four-carrier sedan chair, this edition also includes the two-carrier chair for the maid seen in early versions. The audience will see two sedan chairs move in different styles on the stage. The happy and lively rhythm of the suona directs the atmosphere of the play. This unique instrument can even imitate the laughing sounds of Guilan to accentuate the happy mood of the brides in sedan chairs.


 The Performing Group│Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company 

Originating in Henan, China, Bangzi Opera presents the characteristics of the sincerity, passion and boldness of Northern China. It is suffused with the forthright, bold, and unconstrained spirit of Northern China. The Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company was established in Zuoying, Kaohsiung over sixty years ago. Led by Wang Hai-Ling, the Empress of Taiwan Bangzi Opera, and the fresh blooms of the younger generation of performers, the Company constantly strives forward in the creation of new works, blending in local arts and culture and synthesizing a uniquely Taiwanese form of Bangzi Opera. Every year, the Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company mounts a new production, bringing elite artists of the modern theater together in interdisciplinary and intercultural collaboration. The Company also vigorously pursues its educational mission, promoting Bangzi Opera at home and abroad to wide acclaim.


Performer:Taiwan Bangzi Opera Company
Organizer:National Center for Traditional Arts
Advisor:Ministry of Culture

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*The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program.

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