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"Puppet escape" Shan Puppet Theater
    • 2020/12/19 14:30 ~ 2020/12/20 20:40
  • Event
    2020/08/04 00:00 ~ 2020/08/04 00:00
    3102 Multi Hall
    2020/08/04 00:00 ~ 2020/08/04 00:00
    3102 Multi Hall

 Time, Date, and Venue 

◇ 2020/12/19 sat. 19:30-20:40
◇ 2020/12/20 sun. 14:30-15:40
◇ Venue:3102 Multi Hall, Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center
◇ Length:70 minutes (no intermission)
◇ Ticket Price:NT$800
◇ Note:
   ◆ The shows will be performed in Hakka、Taiwanese and Chinese, with Chinese subtitles
   ◆ Q&A session after the show
   ◆ The shows will be recorded


 About the Performance 

"Puppet Escape" is derived from a combination of traditional and modern drama. Not limited to an experiment in performance and skill, this combination tries to blend traditional elements of drama into its content. "Puppet Escape" does not merely blend traditional puppet theater style into a modern performance, but tries to put the spirit of glove puppetry into the story. At the same time, this story is a reflection on the "puppet" and its symbolism that allows for deeper dialogue and reflection between tradition and modernity, puppeteer and puppet.


 The Performing Group│Shan Puppet Theater 

Shan Puppet Theater understands the importance of sharing Hakka culture very well. Focused on performance, Shan Puppet Theater practices with venerable Hakka artists, actively participating in all sorts of arts festival activities, and has set out to plan an educational course that combines Hakka theater, glove puppetry, and music. Making use of the vivid performance style of glove puppets, Shan Puppet Theater will attract a younger Hakka generation to value their own cultural arts, reviving the Hakka spirit so that even non-Hakka people understand the diversity and inclusiveness of Hakka culture.


Performer:Shan Puppet Theater
Organizer:National Center for Traditional Arts
Co-organizer:Malaysia Pitapat Theatre
Advisor:Ministry of Culture、Hakka Affairs Council

*Please visit our official website for the latest updates.
*The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program.

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