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《The Lion Maze》DaBangNi
《The Lion Maze》DaBangNi
    • 2021/01/30 14:30 ~ 2021/01/31 21:10
  • Event
    2020/07/16 00:00 ~ 2020/07/16 00:00
    Experimental Theatre
    2020/07/16 00:00 ~ 2020/07/16 00:00
    Experimental Theatre
    2020/07/16 00:00 ~ 2020/07/16 00:00
    Experimental Theatre

 Time, Date, and Venue 

◇ 2021/01/30 sat. 14:30-16:10
◇ 2021/01/30 sat. 19:30-21:10
◇ 2021/01/31 sun. 14:30-16:10
◇ Venue:Experimental Theatre, Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center
◇ Length:100 minutes (without intermission)
◇ Ticket Price:NT$400/600


 About the Performance 

This modern production of native music by DaBangNi combines the traditional arts of both Shan Puppet Theater and Eye Catching Circus, retelling cultural stories through vocal and instrumental performances accompanied by Hakka Lion Dance as well as hand puppets of classic characters like Wu Shih and Bo Gong. As they look back on changes in both history and living spaces through "The Lion Maze", DaBangNi invites audiences to reflect on the direction modernity has taken with an appreciation for traditional culture, in the hopes that the beauty of native arts can endure for many generations to come.


 The Performing Group│DaBangNi 

The music group DaBangNi's name is Hakka for "Fortunate to have you". Their music can be characterized as "innovation within tradition". In order to enable cultural values to endure, their songs mix the Hakka, Sourthern Min, and Taiwanese Mandarin languages with lyrics from traditional Taiwanese recitations and mountain songs, while also adding ethnic instruments such as the erhu, bamboo flute, and suona. DaBangNi have devoted themselves to blending elements of traditional music with modern popular music to create a category of music that is distinctly Taiwanese.


Organizer:National Center for Traditional Arts、DaBangNi
Co-organizer:Shan Puppet Theater、Eye Catching Circus
Advisor:Ministry of Culture

*Please visit our official website for the latest updates.
*The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program.

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