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GuoGuang Opera Company Flipping Over Chariots
GuoGuang Opera Company Flipping Over Chariots
    • 2018/11/16 14:30 ~ 2018/11/18 21:00
  • Event
    GuoGuang Opera Company Flipping Over Chariots -1
    2018/08/12 00:00 ~ 2018/08/12 00:00
    National Center for Traditional Arts
    GuoGuang Opera Company Flipping Over Chariots -2
    2018/08/12 00:00 ~ 2018/08/12 00:00
    National Center for Traditional Arts

About 2018 Stage for the Up-and-Coming Talent Series

The project provides stage performance opportunities for promising artists of traditional operas at home. At this joint performance series, up-and-coming talents of Beijing opera, Taiwanese opera, Hakka opera, Luantan opera, and Bangzi opera are invited to go on stage and share finely hone performing skills with their peers and the audience. It is hoped that budding performers will be motivated to unleash more of their potential on stage and grow into stars of tomorrow.


The Performing Group│GuoGuang Opera Company

GuoGuang Opera Company was founded in 1995 with the objective of preserving traditional classics and stimulating modern thinking. For more than 20 years, the company has worked hard to promote the creation of modernized and literary Peking operas by instilling modern concepts to traditional Peking Opera, resulting in diversified themes and lively styles. The operas produced by the company include traditional Peking operas and Kunqu operas, as well as many newly written Peking operas. Marked by perseverance and consistency, GuoGuang continues to create Peking operas with “the new esthetics of Taiwan.”

The show times are as follows:

  • 2018/11/16 fri. 19:30 First session: Flipping Over Chariots (Peking Opera) (about 30 minutes)
  • 2018/11/18 sun. 14:30 Third session: Flipping Over Chariots (Peking Opera) (about 30 minutes)


Flipping Over Chariots


A true fighter in resisting Jin soldiers, Gao Chong died when flipping over chariots.

Flipping Over Chariots is also known as Mount Bullhead. The story is recorded in the 39th chapter of A Complete Biography of YUE FEI. YUE FEI and WU ZHU fight at Mount Bullhead. When YUE FEI is inspecting the commanders, GAO CHONG questions him for not being highly regarded. Yue Fei thus orders him to guard the military flag. In the battle, when the Song army is losing ground, GAO CHONG suddenly appears to fight and defeats several Jin generals. When WU ZHU retreats with his troops, GAO CHONG follows up his victory in hot pursuit of WU ZHU. WU ZHU pushes down chariots one after another from atop a hill to stop GAO’s pursuit. Though GAO CHONG successfully flips over several chariots headed for him with his spear, the chariots keep on coming and he soon becomes exhausted and eventually be killed.


Group Members

  • Producer|ZHANG Yu-hua
  • Artistic Director|WANG An-qi
  • Dramatic Director|MA Bao-shan
  • Assistant Dramatic Director|WANG Yi-jiao
  • Performers|LI Jia-de


Featured Artists

Performers/ LI Jia-deGAO CHONG

Born in 1995, LI Jia-de specializes in WuSheng (male martial role). A graduate of the Department of Taiwanese Opera of the high school division of National Taiwan College of the Performing Arts. He fell in love with Peking Opera because of the influence of his teacher, Zhao Zhen-hua, so he transferred to the Department of Peking Opera for college.He learned from many teachers, such as: LI Tong-chun, WANG Hao-qiang, WANG Yi-jiao, ZHU Lu-hao, LI Xiu-Cheng, ZHANG Xiao-bo, ZHAO Zhen-hua, YAN Bang-jian, DAI Li-wu, LI Bao-chun, MA Shao-liang and ZHANG Shan-lin.

In 2016, he was crowned as the top for the Regular Group at the Meng Xiao-dong Golden Awards competition. In 2017, he played the leading role in LU WEN LONG, one of the operas of the Summer Performances of National GuoGuang Opera Company, in the same year, he was nominated for “Best New Actor for Individual Performance” at the Golden Melody Awards in the Traditional Arts.




About the Performance Schedule

Click here to view the complete performance schedule.​

This year there are a total of eight performances, and each performance comprises three one-act plays presented by different performing groups.

Click here to view the complete performance schedule.

Length: About 90 minutes for each performance (without intermission)

Venue: Experimental Theatre


1. Chinese and English subtitles are provided.

2. Each performance will be recorded.


Ticket Prices: NT$400/600 for each performance (reserved seating)



Organizer: National Center for Traditional Arts

Advisor: Ministry of Culture

* Please visit the official website for all the latest updates.

* The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the event program.


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