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Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center
Coexisting with nature on a classical basis Transforming with flexibility and spontaneous expression

Under the auspices of the National Center for Traditional Arts, Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center is located within the triangle between Wen-lin Road and Fu-guo Road of Shilin District in Taipei City, near Zhi-shan Station of MRT.

With the architectural esthetics of “coexisting with nature,” Architect Yao Ren-xi fuses the dramatic skill of spontaneous expression with the general concept of “one table and two chairs” in his designof the center.



A new star for the performance of traditional opera

The Main Theater numbers 1,038 seats, and Experimental Theater has 240 seats. In addition, Taiwan Music Institute houses an important research collection of documents devoted to Taiwanese music, and offers rehearsal rooms of different sizes, and other venues for a wide range of arts and literature activities.Moreover, the outdoor square features a mobile stage for true-to-life performances.

Taiwan Traditional Theatre Center, centered around its stage,is waiting to come alive with the presence of performers and audience who will together create immortal chapters in the palace of arts and culture.


Taiwan Traditional Theatre and Music Center The Main Theater Taiwan Traditional Theatre and Music Center Taiwan Traditional Theatre and Music Center



Operational Concept

The Center will carry onthe esthetic values of traditional opera by cultivating talents in the coming generations,sharing its artistic and cultural resources, preserving the traditional classics while complementing them with contemporary forms of creativity, and exploring future paths of development to further the all-around development of performance art in Taiwan.


Developmental Features

1. The Center houses resident professional troupes, such as GuoGuang Opera Company, the National Chinese Orchestra of Taiwan, and the Taiwan Music Institute.

2. The Center focuses on original artistic productions to encourage artistic creation;it offers its facilities for original performances for troupes and artists bothlocal and international.

3. The center is an important stage for new talents to make a stage presence; it supports folk performance groups and new talents and is definitely an important stage for new talents to rise and shine in their career.

4. The Center supports repertoires which will serve to establish and spur the transaction mechanism of intellectual property of the traditional performance arts.



Management Strategies

With three artistic festivals held annually, the Center presents widely diversified aspects of the traditional arts in Taiwan by cultivating new talents and producing traditional and innovative works.

1. The Taiwan Festival of Xi-qu Arts: featuring productions of traditional classics,first-time performances, and innovative plays with multimedia coordination in presenting a wide range of themes to display the rich varieties of the dramaticarts.

2. The Taiwan Festival of Chinese Music and the Taiwan International Music Festival:these music festivals are held in turn on an annual basis, with the former focusing on instrumental music and the latter focusing on contemporary musical creation, encompassing music of different categories and musicals.

3. The Asia-Pacific Traditional Arts Festival: featuring the vibrant culture of folk music, opera, and dance from through out Asia-Pacific region, and an exchange platform for both the fine arts and folk cultures.


How to Get There

* Address: 751 Wen-lin Road, Shilin District 11159, Taipei City

* Public Transportation

  MRT: Xinyi—DanshuiLine, Exit No. 1 of Zhi-shan Station, a five- minute walk

  Bus: 216 218 223 266 277 280 290 302 308 508 536 601 616 665 821 864 1505, “MRT Zhi-shan (Wen-lin) Station”